#affordablehousingdebate_01 AT DE FIHelsinki/FI

Berlin and Vienna based tafkaoo architects complemented its Central Europe offices by opening a new office to Helsinki. This was done in order to implement the best practices of Austria’s and Germany’s affordable housing development in Finland.

A panel discussion was organized as a part of the Helsinki office opening on 2 November, 2018 with the theme:

"Affordable Housing: Rent 7,5 €/m2, criteria & discussion".

This presentation and comparison formed the basis for the panel discussion and includes comments and insights that were collected during the event.


The comparison is a work in progress that aims for concrete measures and learnings.

We hope to get input from the community to more comprehensively understand the numbers and make them better in real life projekts.

Let´s continue the discussion and work for better affordable housing together!