03 03 2020 │New Strategies

Our project Nettelbeckplatz in Berlin became a DREEAM pilot site for the EU Horizon 2020 Goals in energy-efficient building renovation strategies.
DREEAM stands for “Demonstrating an integrated Renovation approach for Energy Efficiency At the Multi-building scale” and with the help of its platform a redevelopment strategy for the existing buildings and a smart integration of the proposed new building could be realized in Nettelbeckplatz. 
The extensively revised energy concept included amongst other things four photovoltaic systems with over 290 solar modules. This was installed by a solar rental electricity company called SOLARIMO, which plans, implements and operates solar tenant electricity projects

all over Germany. Thanks to the self-produced electricity, the cooperative will provide its tenants with clean solar electricity to lower costs.

… Let's get some fresh air and get some impressions from a bird’s eye perspective (many thanks to SOLARIMO for the drone-video!)

11 12 2019│Publication

Our project in Nettelbeckplatz (Berlin, DE) was selected for the publication »50 Out-of-the-Box Housing Solutions to Homelessness & Housing Exclusion«, which was presented on December 11th in European Parliament.
The aim of the book, published by the »Housing Solutions Platform« (a joint venture of Housing Europe, FEANTSA and the Fondation Abbé Pierre), is to present innovative and inspiring examples of housing solutions for the locked out in the EU. 
In addition, Collaplan has set up a discussion board that will allow a detailed, open and project-based discussion of each project.


Find the publication and the discussion platform here:
> housing-solutions-platform


Debate│30 08 2019

#affordablehousingdebate AT DE FI ...the second NEXT step after the other

Tafkaoo Architects followed up its 2018 Helsinki office opening by celebrating a promising start to operations in Finland. 

Furthermore, we also clinked our glasses to tafkaoo’s 15th anniversary!

The opening oxford-style debate about affordable housing was focused on whether "to solve affordable housing in an urbanizing world, we should make housing publicly controlled infrastructure instead of letting the market solve it". 

We are happy to see that the event sparked further stories in the Finnish web: >>>

20 07 2019│Article

DER STANDARD describes in an article the efforts of tafkaoo co-founded LiM (Living in Metropolises SCE), the first European housing association to develop a pan-European solution to the housing shortage in Europe:

»An idea that goes way beyond the real estate business ...«.


Also mentioned is the tafkaoo planned and currently emerging pilot project of LiM in Berlin-Köpenick (find out more here      ), as well as the upcoming projects in Helsinki and Riga.


2019 06 06│Award

Project Nettelbeckplatz of Berliner Bau- und Wohnungsgenossenschaft von 1892 eG wins first prize in the European Responsible Housing Award “More than a roof – supporting communities of equal opportunities" category. We are happy and proud to be a part of this team!

Enjoy the linked video!


16 05 2019│News

tafkaoo architects participated in the European Federation for Living (EFL) Spring Conference in Copenhagen 15-17 May, 2019.

Modular construction, tenant participation and cooperative housing was among the many topics covered. We are looking forward to continue the joint efforts for better affordable housing throughout Europe!

 2019 05 11│Article reports on the rural exodus in Finland and visits our office in Helsinki. Oliver Scheifinger and Joakim Breitenstein from tafkaoo, as well as Hanna Dhalmann from ARA, the Housing Finance and Development Center of Finland, are thinking together about what »affordable housing 3.0« might look like in Finland.

26 04 2019│Visit

We had the pleasure to spend a sunny April day in Vienna hosting a group of people working with affordable housing in the Finnish city of Turku. We visited three community oriented affordable housing projects in order to learn and implement the best practices in Finland. Projects visited were Wohnprojekt Wien in Zwischenbrücken, Wohnprojekt Seestern Aspern in Seestadt as well as tafkaoo designed 4+ also located in Seestadt.

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